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Cyndee Johnson, RDH | Founder

Dentistry.  Thirty years of it.  General &  specialist assisting, multi-doctor practice administration, hygienist, educator, speaker, entrepreneur, author, advisor and mentor.  Her experience and knowledge becomes your golden egg. As founder of scaler2schedule elite hygiene, Cyndee's  reputable approach to the profession of dentistry has  hygienists facilitating the movement of  thousands of dollars of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to the doctor’s schedules each day! Her model for whole-body patient care leaves status quo in the dust!  Cyndee and her team work with dental practices  around the globe who are ready to learn how to develop healthy patients, healthy practices and sustainable success for their dental business.  Her background in five-star customer experience and  successful business start-ups provides a breadth of knowledge she is excited to share with her colleagues. Patients crave this level of care and dental teams will be blown away by the trajectory of success!  Get in and buckle up and be ready for unprecedented growth and productivity!


Josh Brower, DDS |, dental practice & business advisor

Josh Brower, DDS has over 20 years as a successful practicing dentist who took his own dental practice to over 1 million in collections for his procedures and right into the top 1% of dental practices worldwide.  He is a board certified implantologist with extensive oral surgery and orthodontic training.  His extensive experience in multi-practice ownership, associate relationships, risk management, marketing, and contracts that build successful dental businesses will  add value to your dental practice, allow you to work less, stress less, increase your profitability and enjoy a wonderful retirement.   Do you have a dream  schedule and lofty financial goals?  Josh has taken the guess work out and will help build your plug and play system providing a comfortable balance between the pleasure of work and life. We are blessed to have Josh on our team.  He is the  gift of honesty, integrity and a boat-load of knowledge packed into one awesome human being.  

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Paul Sullivan | business development

Paul Sullivan is our leadership and organizational culture coach. Paul has spent the greater part of his life in sales and business development and has a keen ability of finding sales potential and expanding revenue opportunities. His education includes the prestigious University of San Francisco School of Management's Advanced Sales & Sales Management and The Leadership Academy. He takes great pride and his experience is evident when building and developing professional culture and training  teams of varying size. Paul's style is fresh and current and as a result his clients have not only increased their bottom line year over year, but are doing so with renewed satisfaction in their career. Paul exudes an inner calmness and patient ability to help break through the challenge of leaning into the responsibility of what it means to be a leader.  If you need some stress relief... he can help you break a board or two!


Angela West | mentor extraordinaire

Angela West comes to us with over 25 years of progressive dental experience. With nearly two decades as a Dental Hygienist, she is an experienced Certified Dental Assistant with plenty of Front Office acumen.  Throughout her professional career she has maintained involvement in many dental study groups and professional organizations. She offers extensive knowledge in communication skills, implementing dental office protocols and co-coordinating preventive and restorative dental treatment.  Using her professional and motivating approach to implementing the scaler2schedule Elite Hygiene processes Angela will leave your team motivated!  This Oklahoma native is within arms reach to our current clients and those wanting to reach the next level.  This go-getter is a results-driven with a big dose of Southern sweetness!


Heather Wasney | mentor extraordinaire

Heather Wasney, a scaler2schedule Elite Hygienist, has been in dentistry for over 20 years.  She has worked as an RDA, front office and dental hygienist leaving her with a keen understanding of team dynamics and the role of hygiene in a dental business.    She continues to actively provide hygiene services in private practice setting and maintains her skill level at Five-Star.  She is also instrumental in the organization of our seminars and webinar trainings.  This little nugget is A-team!


Jodee DeFever | mentor extraordinaire

Another 30 years of dental hygiene experience delivered straight to our clients!  Jodee brings our comprehensive processes into the hands of teams around the country!  Backed by substantiated science and a whole lot of relationship and communication skills, Jodee has an intuitive way motivating to excellence.  She believes that dentistry should be profitable, rewarding and fun while serving the patient with our Wellness. Driven.Dentistry® treatment and education. The back of her cape reads, “Bringing it ALL Together” and it’s no joke!  This mentor extraordinaire pulls together a teamwork approach to dental awesomeness driving overall full-body wellness.


Valerie Bluemel | mentor extraordinaire

Valerie Bluemel has been a clinical dental hygienist for over twenty years, and a dental assisting and dental hygiene educator for more than five years. Through her sales related talents, personal development, and educational experience in health related administration she has developed valued relationships with students, professionals, and patients. She understands that people buy relationships, not products and is eager to share her insights and knowledge. Valerie has taught dental hygiene instrumentation, local anesthesia, and clinical radiographic techniques. She is a lifelong learner and continued her education in the fields of kinesiology/ergonomics, integrative health practices, and Early Childhood Caries cause and prevention. With this background, she has a unique blend of success for business development, for a people centric community, and a holistic view of life.  She shines like a diamond and shares her sparkle and genius with all!


Pepper Prouty | mentor extraordinaire

Pepper Prouty is another integral part of our hygiene mentoring squad . She brings  extensive bandwidth in the latest treatments and processes for the treatment periodontal disease.  Pepper's intuitive ability to deliver information in a receivable format is instrumental in fostering incredible relationships and culture in our offices.   Before receiving her dental hygiene degree , Pepper served our country as part of the armed forces where she developed a strong work ethic, and unwavering determination. Her years of experience in our profession, continue to serve as a motivation to spend countless hours studying dentistry's relation to systemic health so that she can bring to you, the latest information and scaler2schedule processes.