Do you find yourself in the same place quarter after quarter not achieving the growth and expansion you wish to achieve in your practice?

S2s all-in

our most elite and done-for-you experience

The stress of those days are behind you, welcome to our private All-In experience. Our private clients are seeking change and want expert-level support in all areas of their dental business. With our comprehensive analysis, planning, and All-In support, we're here to help you make informed decisions and take action to achieve your business goals. Whether you're looking to increase revenue, streamline operations, or expand your practice, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Cyndee and Kathy came to our office and held a 2 day workshop. Our office has embraced their training and we are already seeing growth in just a few short weeks!”

Professional, yet fun, and made the learning experience very enjoyable.

As a dentist, I have a vision of optimal patient care that I want to provide, I want a work/life balance, and I want to have a team that is motivated and loves what we do. Scaler2Schedule has helped me develop all of these things, while coming from a place of authenticity and heart. And even in this first year, my practice has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

s2s has been a life line for me

She is very professional and treats your business like her own. I highly recommend her (very highly recommend her).

Cyndee has a unique approach to boosting practice efficiency through improved utilisation of hygienists.

Overall, Scaler2Schdule has increased our production beyond what we had hoped for and we are providing excellent care for our patients. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cyndee and Scaler2Schedule to anyone wanting to develop an elite hygiene department and take their office to the next level.

It is hard to overstate what a positive and transformational influence S2S have had on our dental practice.

She’s one of those rare individuals whose positive energy is 100% contagious. Her content draws attendees in and keeps them fully engaged. Cyndee’s an EXPERT in her field, yet still so incredibly open to learning not only about the latest in dentistry, but about the people who keep the industry moving forward. I can’t tell you enough how lucky I feel to know Cyndee. Working with her is an absolute privilege.”

Oh, how I strive to be a Cyndee Johnson!


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