Our Founder & Our Team

As the founder of scaler2schedule, Hygiene CEO and Sweet Tooth Dental Academy, this powerhouse develops high-performing, high profit dental teams around the globe.

Cyndee brings decades of clinical and organizational leadership along with dental business development and revenue structuring that delivers the best results in the industry. She is a gifted mediator and organizational communication specialist with an unparalleled ability to develop top-performing teams.

As a Key Opinion Leader for some of the top players in the global dental market, Cyndee is also a sought after speaker and educator who leaves her audiences prepared for success and wanting more! 

Meet Cyndee Johnson-

- A wanderlust in life since day one. 

" I am always ready for the next adventure. Whether it be to a new destination or the adventure of helping you create your legacy!"

the history of...

Like many career dental professionals, I began as a teenage dental assistant. I took every opportunity to learn anything “dental” and eventually managed a multi-doctor practice while in hygiene school. This girl was so excited to enter the world of dental hygiene! 

Thirty years ago, my first employers provided incredible training with consultants and extracurricular workshops and CE.  

After moving from San Francisco where the opportunity had been optimum a fantastic opportunity to live and work in Australia came about and the next 5 years my time was spent being a mom and teaching part time courses in anatomy/physiology and pharmacology. In 2000 we moved back to the USA. This is where I discovered how fortunate I had been to be able to launch my career with the top dentists and thought leaders.

where it all began...

Temping and struggling to find a comparable home, it became clear I was working within a system that limited my ability to properly care for my patients. I believed hygiene was so important in terms of overall health, but it was also the driving force in a successful dental business. The system was failing me and my patients.  

It didn’t matter where I worked, patients were being told “Everything looks good!” “See you in 6 months!” “Put a ‘watch’ on that.” or “Let’s check it next time”. This, after having spent nearly an hour explaining findings of dental disease, the negative systemic impacts and providing solutions, sick patients would leave thinking everything was fine. I felt so defeated. 

Out of complete disillusionment, scaler2schedule was born. Being a solution-driven person in what seemed to be a failing system, I created a program based on optimum patient care and the beautiful side effect was an extremely successful and profitable dental business 

our why...

The name Scaler2Schedule was the definition of a series of comprehensive processes which created the hygiene-driven approach of co-assessment and optimum patient care. Our patients were asking how soon they could schedule the work. They went “from the scaler…2…the schedule” The patients valued this level of care and were accepting the necessary treatment. The results were clear and dental businesses were becoming much more successful. Happy, healthy patients who valued what we were doing created extremely successful dental businesses.  


...and we can't wait to do the same for you!


Angela West comes to us with over 25 years of progressive dental experience. With nearly two decades as a Dental Hygienist, she is an experienced Certified Dental Assistant with plenty of Front Office acumen. Angela is a member of multiple dental study groups and professional organizations. She offers extensive knowledge in communication skills, implementing dental office protocols and co-coordinating preventive and restorative dental treatment. Using her professional and motivating approach to implementing the scaler2schedule Elite Hygiene processes Angela will leave your team motivated! This Oklahoma native is within arms reach to our current clients and those wanting to reach the next level and is the perresults-driven with a big dose of Southern sweetness!

meet the team


Kathryn Brown, a scaler2schedule Elite Hygienist, has been in dentistry for over 20 years. She has worked as an RDA, front office and dental hygienist leaving her with a keen understanding of team dynamics and the role of hygiene in a dental business. Kathryn has extensive experience working with periodontal specialists and as an instructor in a California Dental Hygiene school. This lady is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping our students and clients become the best of the best. She is one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet when it comes to her desire to fill you up with all of the knowledge and skills you could possibly handle! 


Ieva has been in dentistry since 2005 and joined our team in 2021. 

Originally from Lithuania , Ieva is a foreign graduate with a master's degree in Dentistry. She loves all aspects of dentistry and enjoys providing exceptional care for her patients and our clients. Ieva’s affinity for science and research makes her a perfect fit for our team as we are all science-geeks to the core. This lady is our beauty-full-of-brains and can speak to all things biofilm management. She is continuously navigating the product market and cuts through all of the BS to bring you the valuable products that work…and the why behind them. 

Ieva's hobbies outside of the office include reading, traveling and event planning. Even her hobbies fit s2s like a glove!

Angela West

Kathryn Brown

Leva McGlone