Happy Birthday Mr. Jones! 

What else can we do to WOW our patients?

If we aren’t asking ourselves this question every day we need to start!

Begin each day with a careful review of your patient charts and check for birthdays.

Did one of your patients recently celebrate their special day?

Are they going to be celebrating one soon?

If the answer to either question is “yes”, make it a point to celebrate them at their appointment

“Mr. Jones, I see you recently celebrated your birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day!”

And try one of these ideas:

Purchase some lovely cards and have each team member sign the card with a special note at the morning meeting

Have some gift cards on hand if you would rather give a little something

Ask each team member pop in and deliver birthday wishes during the appointment

Or if they are there on their special day,

“Mr Jones, we are so excited to be celebrating your birthday with you!”

Have sparkling cider chilled in the fridge! Bring as many people together (patients included) and pop a bottle of bubbly cider, pour into patient cups and give your birthday boy a “cheers”.

A coffee mug with your logo in a nicely presented bag with tissue wrapped especially for him or something as simple as a birthday card signed by each member of the team.

Display a sign at the front desk celebrating the day for your patient!

Tie a balloon to the dental chair.                                                                                                       

Or place a flower on the chair for her… 

Have a boxed cupcake for after the appointment!  However you choose to celebrate your wonderful patients, rest assured that they’ll feel like a million bucks with this special attention. These suggestions take only a few minutes and the impact of making someone feel like the special person they are, will be well worth it!

Brainstorm at your next team meeting and come up with ideas for celebrating your patients!

This is a fabulous way to let your patients know you are thinking of them beyond the dental chair!

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