Change the People or Change the People

I recently had a conversation with a VP of a company who recounted his recent time spent with the CEO of Milestone, Prem Chand.  His enthusiasm was palpable as he recounted the message delivered during Mr. Chand’s presentation. He explained how culture, the heartbeat of every business, determines the level of success or failure attained.  His mantra:  Change the People or Change the People.  What a brilliant, delicious chain of words.  If these words are not the key to achieving desired results I doubt the words exist.

Funneling the idea of creating and aligning culture, down to the small business of dentistry is actually quite interesting.  Think about it:  multinational companies such as Zappos, Google and the like are successful in creating success on such a grand scale, but many dentists with a mere 5 to 10 employees cannot seem to create a culture that delivers growth and success in a very manageable sized environment. 

The leaders of these globally successful companies do not spend the day with their head in the sand, hoping things will improve so they will not have to deal with it.  Instead, they implement very specific systems and protocol. Employees then uphold these systems with accountability and ownership of the culture.  So why is it that so many businesses are content to limp along day to day instead of creating something great?  Something, which brings tremendous personal satisfaction to, those involved?  The answer:  Fear and no idea how to do it!

We have one constant in life and that is CHANGE.  Ohhh the irony.  And if we refuse to change with the times, the people, the language, the wants, the expectations…we are left licking our wounds of failure or worse yet, dead in the water!

So how do we do it? Begin the process by asking yourself “Why am I here?”  Then ask yourself if you have established a culture within your practice that supports your “why”.  Then ask the same question of your team.  You may find right out of the gate that you have team members who are not in alignment with your reason for being in practice.  Is it possible for them to change? If not, MAKE the change!  

This is far more than the age-old adage, “If you’re not on this bus, hop off at the next stop”.  This is about creating a culture, which fosters the necessary elements to reach your desired outcome.  This is about YOU as the business owner.  NOT the goals of the people currently working in your office.  Sounds harsh, but it is YOUR business.  Surround yourself with a team who shares your “why” and create a culture that holds these goals like you would hold something precious and fragile cupped in the palms of your hands. 

Are you ready to Change the People….or Change the People?

Cyndee Johnson is a world expert in hygiene production and delivering value proposition in dentistry. Her unique programs and collaborative team of experts bring success to those who call upon their services.

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