The Boutique Dental Consulting Firm: Why it Pays to Hire the Experts

Having worked beside some of the greatest dentists, clinicians, management and lecturers in the field of dentistry I understand the benefits of having access to the best.  And time after time, when asking my clients how it is I can serve them, they respond, “I want to be successful so how can you help me achieve this?” 

My answer is simple:  Five-Star Service.

This may sound a bit ambiguous, but when expert consultants unfold the individuality of each practice, they quickly bring to light areas needing growth and improvement.  To begin this endeavor, ask yourself the following questions:  Are you providing your patients with the five-star service and care they deserve?  How will you get from point of initial contact with your consultant to the point of success?  

This is where the rubber meets the road!  Here is where we decide to be mediocre or to be the best.  Once you have made the decision to hire consultants, it is important to understand the difference between cookie-cutter firms who ship the manuals to the office a week prior to the first “training” vs. the boutique firm comprised of individual experts in their respective areas of dentistry, business, law, HR, and web development who create the program for your individual office.

I have come to know some amazing and forward-thinking expert consultants as well as those who have been providing the same “customized programs” for decades.  Ask yourself , “Do all of my patients receive the same treatment plan regardless of their needs?”  Of course not! So why settle for the same binders and protocol in your office that the three dentists down the street have on their shelves?

The entrepreneurial thought leaders of today realize that continued advancement in our profession, as well as, our ever changing economic climate requires an ability to remain fluid and ready for change. Consider fresh ideas in order to stay a step ahead and be ready and willing to make leadership decisions when necessary.

Don’t buy your consulting advice from the same place you can by your equipment, gloves or charts.  Dare to be different!  Do your research. Look for a boutique consulting firm with a collaborative team of experts who can offer you and your dental business individualized programs for your success.  It pays to hire the experts!

Cyndee Johnson is a world expert in hygiene production and delivering value proposition in dentistry. Her unique programs and collaborative team of experts bring success to those who call upon their services.

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